Bulk Order Customization Policy

Bulk Order Customization Policy Policy (English)

Organization: Uniquely You Online

Author: Kimberly Ayala-Robinson

Author: Owner

Version: 1

Effective Date: 2024-01-01

Expiry Date:

Language: English

Policy Content:

Uniquely You Online Bulk Order Customization Policy


Policy Title: Bulk Order Customization Policy  

Policy Number: UYOP-2024-001  

Organization Name: Uniquely You Online  

Location: United States  

Effective Date: January 1, 2024  

Author: Kimberly Ayala-Robinson  

Version Number: 1  

Job Title: Owner  

Language: English




1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidelines and procedures for handling bulk order customization requests from our customers. Uniquely You Online is committed to offering personalized products while maintaining quality and efficiency.


2. Scope 

This policy applies to all bulk orders (defined as orders of 25 or more units) placed for customization by Uniquely You Online customers within the United States.


3. Definitions

- Bulk Order: An order consisting of 25 or more units of the same base product.

- Customization: Any modification to the base product requested by the customer, including but not limited to personalization, unique designs, and special packaging.


4. Policy Details


4.1. Eligibility for Bulk Customization

- Bulk orders of 25 units or more qualify for customization services.

- Customization options and capabilities may vary depending on the product type.


4.2. Process for Placing a Bulk Customization Order


4.2.1. Initial Inquiry


- Customers should initiate a bulk customization inquiry by contacting our Customer Service at support@uniquelyyouonline.com or calling (267)-225-6496.

- A Customer Service Representative (CSR) will respond within 2 business days to discuss customization options, feasibility, and initial quotes.


4.2.2. Design and Approval

- Uniquely You Online will provide a digital proof of the customized order within 7-10 business days of agreeing on customization details.

- The customer must approve the final design by signing the proof electronically or in writing.

- Any changes after approval may incur additional costs and delay the order.

*Please Note: All communication via all and any Social Media platform and channel, is considered legally binding per Uniquely You Online policy. 


4.3. Pricing and Payment Terms

- Prices for bulk customization vary based on the complexity of the design, materials required, and volume of the order.

- A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required at the time of order placement.

- The remaining balance is due upon completion and prior to shipping the customized products.

*Please Note: Sometimes exceptions are made due to customer financial situation, however, that determination will be left to Uniquely You Online’s discretion. 


4.4. Production and Delivery Times

-Samples are created for customer and will be required to be paid for at design approval. Once sample is received, customer will have that opportunity to make any final changes, before the final design is produced for the bulk order.

-Standard production time for bulk customized orders is 30 business days from final design approval.  Production time might vary based on complexity of design, materials required, and order quantity.

- Delivery time will depend on the shipping method selected by the customer.

- Rush orders may be accommodated at an additional fee and are subject to production capacity.


4.5. Cancellation and Modifications


- A bulk customization order can be canceled within 24 hours of order placement without any penalty.

- After 24 hours, any cancellations will forfeit the 50% deposit.

- Modifications to the order after the final design approval are subject to additional fees and may result in production delays.

*Please Note: If sample design is received and customer does not respond, acknowledge, or provide any written notifications within two weeks of receipt, attempts will be made to contact customer for two weeks.  If there is still no response, the customer will forfeit their design and all will become property of Uniquely You Online. Uniquely You Online will not sell or use customer design, however, the customer will not be allowed to take the sample anywhere else to be replicated, or will face legal consequences. Uniquely You Online will also have no restrictions on using design created for business promotions and promotional content.

-If bulk order is not fulfilled by customer with no notice, contact, or response to Uniquely You Online’s contact attempts, the contract will be terminated and customer will face penalty fees of 25% of total order(s) value.

4.6. Quality Assurance

- Uniquely You Online ensures all customized products meet our quality standards.

- Customers are advised to inspect the products upon receipt and report any defects or issues within 7 business days. We will work closely to resolve any validated concerns.


5. Roles and Responsibilities

- Customer Service Department: Responsible for managing inquiries, providing quotes, and facilitating communication between the customer and design team.

- Design Team: Handles the creation of digital proofs and ensures designs meet customer expectations.

- Production Team: Ensures the timely manufacture of high-quality customized products.

- Customer: Provides clear instructions, timely approvals, and adheres to payment terms to facilitate smooth order processing.


6. Contact Information

For questions regarding this policy or bulk customization orders, please contact:


Kimberly Ayala-Robinson  

Owner, Uniquely You Online  

Email: support@uniquelyyouonline.com  

Phone: (267)-225-6496


7. Review and Amendments

This policy will be reviewed annually and is subject to amendments as deemed necessary by the management of Uniquely You Online.




By implementing this policy, Uniquely You Online aims to deliver exceptional, customized products promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Approved by:  

Kimberly Ayala-Robinson  

Owner, Uniquely You Online  

Date: January 1, 2024