Customizations and Handmade Items


For Sublimination Photo Pendants with Necklaces:
*Is the jewelry real?
The base material is stainless steel, sterling silver or brass with 5 times gold/white/rose gold/platinum plating.  Base material may be gold if customized as such.

*Is your gold plating just like any other company's?
No, our jewelry is plated with 5 layers of the highest quality real 14K/18K gold or white gold. The gold must be at least 3 microns thick. This is much thicker than electroplating or typical gold-dipped jewelry and will outlast typical gold-plated items.

*Can I take a shower when wearing your jewelry?
Yes, you can, but it recommended to keep it dry, even sterling silver gets tarnished when gets wet. You can also visit our Blog Post for recommendations on cleaning and maintenance.

*What kind of stones are they?
We use 5A/7A+ CZ stones, totally clean and transparent, an excellent alternative to VS diamond as it is more scratch-resistant for everyday wear.
We also offer higher quality diamonds like VS/VSS moissanite and diamonds for custom jewelry. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact our customer service.

*Will it fade and turn my skin green?
Our jewelry is plated 5 times of real gold. It should not fade if you take care of it. Dry it if it gets wet. Stainless steel jewelry will always shine as it is. Contact us if you do encounter any problems. 



*How long does a Complete Customization project take?
Typically, your custom piece will be in your hands 2-3 weeks after we've finalized your design.

*When do I get to see a design? Do I have to pay first?
There's no charge to discuss your design and price out options with our team. We request a deposit prior to producing 3D models and renderings of your design and that deposit goes toward the final cost of producing your piece.

*Can I have diamond pendant?
Yes you can have Diamonds. We also offer cubic zirconia and moissanite stones. Moissanite can meet VVS1 level and be GRA Certified.

*Full customization: start from $500. Semi customization: start from $100 or vary based on item. You can see some of our options in our Customizable Collection. Please contact us if you are interested in a different type of product.

*Do you offer a warranty?
Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty We guarantee our workmanship and take responsibility for any structural defects.

*How to pay for my pendant?
50% deposit before 3D drawing, 50% before shipping. We accept multiple payment methods

Our custom products are made to the specifications of the customer. Colors shown throughout our website may vary due to differences in monitors. Customers are responsible for proofreading and approving the final artwork before production can begin. We are not responsible for typos, non-matching colors, or overlooked errors. Please be mindful that once the product is completed, no more changes can be made. Since the product is custom made specifically for the customer, they are non-returnable and non-exchangeable, unless we made the error. We will not accept products back that the customer ordered in the wrong size and/or color. We make these items according to the colors and sizes requested by the customer. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the customer’s mistake of not ordering the correct product/item. All sales are final on custom orders, unless we made the error.



Please understand that almost all of our products are handmade, and even though artisans make every effort to create only the best, natural blemishes and imperfections are what make each piece unique, captivating and rich in stunning details.

Colors and materials from natural dyes behave differently and although we offer several products of the same style, there are inconsistencies based on the creative nature, making each item look slightly different from the next.

Our items are produced at artisans home-workshops or community collectives and the process is genuine and full of dedication and care. Since these are traditional techniques passed on generation to generation, artisans inherit a unique set of skills that stands out.

Any item you purchase is one of a kind. There are no two identical items in our handmade curations, and even if the fabric is from the same dye lot, the unique arrangement of colors and choice of patterns will always make each item beautiful on its own.